Natty Rico, THE ONLY DJ / SAX PLAYER / PERFORMER, has been known as a composer and remixer as well.

His exceptional talent playing the SAX while spinning has put him in the most prestigious and exclusive clubs around the world.

Driven by the desire to surprise his audience, he developed his own eclectic sound and innovative style. Natty is able to satisfy any crowd, while playing all genres of Music, manipulating the turntables and adding the sexy sound of his sax.

Ex Resident of LIMA (Washington), Sapphire Day Club (Las Vegas), HYDE Bellagio (Las Vegas), Natty divides his time between international tours and residencies in Miami at HYDE BEACH SLS (South Beach), EL TUCÁN (Miami Brickell)...

He has played in BERCY for NRJ in 2010, Obama’s election in 2012, and was also selected by David Guetta to play for the «POUPET FESTIVAL » in 2013 which has taken him to another level.